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Tequila glass blue waves

5 €

Tequila glass blue waves
Tequila glasses used to drink this alcohol occurs primarily in the Mexican town of Tequila from the agave plant. How drinking glass in a real Mexican tequila paf? You can drink the Tequila pure or in cocktails. The traditional way is of course pure, in this case you put a pinch of salt on the outer palm of your hand (between thumb and forefinger), you chew the juice of half a lemon that you keep under the tongue you lick the salt and take a sip of tequila and swallow the precious mixture.

Our tequila glasses are manufactured in a small workshop from recycled glass by our artisan Hipolito.

Dimensions: 4 cm diameter x height 9 cm

  • Antique : New
  • Destination : Home or Garden
  • Origin : Mexico
  • Material : Blown glass
  • Decoration : Self coloured
  • Colour : Red
  • Shape : Long collar vase
  • Height : 9 cm
  • Diameter : 4 cm
  • Designer : decomex
  • Range : Less than 100 €
Complementary information:

The dimensions of Mexican glass are purely illustrative. Indeed, they can vary from a few millimeters from the fact that each glass is mouth blown using traditional methods by small workshops of artisans in Mexico. These are then recycled glass lenses since the lenses green glass is smelted from broken glass.

The glasses are sold individually, the price is for one glass.

In general customers buy the glasses by Mexican 6 or 12 as the agitators blown glass but by selling you the glasses Mexican unit, DECOMEX allows you to buy only 2 or 4 according to your desires and your budget.

Pack carefully and mailed in a tracking number.