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Atelier des metaux

A Passion with the service of Your Inheritance: the Workshop of Metals was born here almost 20 years by love from metal and work well done. Some genes of metal workers helped to make the remainder. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE OF FRENCH ARTISANAL MANUFACTURE made out of PURE IRON ARMCO in our workshop with LANVALLAY close to DINAN at the entry of BRITTANY. The fidelity of always increasing customers and a passion increasingly stronger made that today our reputation extends on all France and even beyond our borders. The professionals, cabinetmakers, antique dealers, museums, the State-owned furniture, the Historic buildings and the Building industries of France but also the private individuals collectors and amateurs of objets d'art trust us. The old iron work is our principal activity, but the restoration of objets d'art on old metals, Bronzes, Régules, glosses and luminaries, as well as creation in all the fields related on metal and art do that today four people work in the same spirit and the same love of work well done, all selected for their professional competences and their artistic qualities. The hammer, the file, the forging mill are our principal tools. Work is made with the hand in the absolute respect of the style and the old techniques. The iron work and hardware for the old frame make us work in collaboration with all the actors of the restoration of the inheritance, you will find their addresses in the bonds, but while waiting visit our basic site in roof, the unexpected one awaits you in each page in the least recess. Contact us, we reserve a cordial reception to you.

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Atelier des metaux


Craftman, Manufacturer, Luminary restorer

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