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Lemaire Decoration

Hello we are Specialized in the wholesale and half original or design big person(main part) of statues in resin
Toutecoloris available trash, original, multicolored

Bulldog, cat, gorilla, lion, elephant, dinosaur, cow, horse, bear, dog ball, cat and dog giant, father Christmas, hedgehog, goat, pig, giraffe multicolor/trash/streaks, donkey kong, hippopotamus, wild boar, panther, rhinoceros, gorilla, hippopotamus, dinosaur, design woman,

We take care of the transport and assure(insure) a delivery without break-in(breakage).

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Lemaire Raphael
06 88 03 38 83
4 Rue Alain fournier
55400 Etain

Lemaire Pascal
06 89 16 50 90
5 Rue Alain Fournier
55400 Etain

Region Lorraine

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