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Forged flexible fillet knife

326 €

Forged flexible fillet knife in 100% Triple A steel. Mounted on a slim flet tang, Ironwood handle, screw-fixed and decorated with mosaic rivets. Straightening, assembly, shaping, polishing and hand finishing is all done in our Thiers workshop.
Blade length: 15 cm
Handle length : 10 cm
Material: Ironwood anthracite
100 % French manufacture

This flexible fillet knife, fully forged in Triple A steel, boasts exceptional sharpness that lasts over time.
The blade will nevertheless have to be sharpened regularly using a finely striated ovoid sharpening steel.

This flexible fillet knife is not dishwasher proof. We advise you to wash and rinse the knife in warm water, and dry immediately.

  • Origin : France > auvergne
  • Finishing : Wrought
  • Designer : Perceval
  • Range : Between 100 and 500 €
  • Atelier Perceval
Forged flexible fillet knife