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DELISLE is one of the world leaders for high-end reproductions of art lighting fixtures. Ours reference projects include Le Château de Versailes, the Geihinkan Imperial Palace in Tokio, the Plazza Athenee and the Essex House in New York City, The regent Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles, The Fine Art Museum in San Francisco and countless other important prestigious public and private spaces.

During the last century, DELISLE has illuminated many European courts as well as the most famous ocean liners.
Today more than sixty per-cent of our products are exported to the most demanding amateurs.

Complementary information:

The bronze pieces are cast by reproducing a master model which is usually from an original bronze.
For custom designed products this can be sculpted in wood or plaster.
The casting is always done by sand-casting and for very difficult small pieces by the lost wax technique.
The pieces are then hand-chiseled, tooled and assembled following the eighteenth century techniques.
The finish gives life to the 24 K. gold or silver plating, chrome, nickel or oxydised (brown or pompei green....).
Iron works
The iron work does not depend on a mould.
The forging hand of the master craftsmen brings life to the acanthus leaf and other decorative elements of each piece.
The metal parts are then leaf-gilded or painted following the tones of your interior, patinated, oxydised...

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