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Cristallerie Hartwig Jean

Decoratives and Design in Crystal.
Art of Crystal. Art of Cameo and Sulfides Paperweights.Stairwell post finials, Floor an Steeps Crystal Balls.
Restauration of Antiques an old Crystal and Glass items. History and Archeology of Glass.

In Baccarat, Jean Hartwig was born of a family of master - glass-makers and tailors with the origins more than six generations located in Bohemia, Mecca and famous crucible of the world glass.
Family that worked in all major manufactures and renowned Crystal factory's such as: Baccarat, Daum, Cristalleries Royales of Champagne, Sèvres, Cristalleries Schneider etc...
Formed in the giron family verrier, Jean Hartwig became artisan eighteen age, making it one of the youngest Artisan of France. A solid scientific background coupled with artistic training are added as a result of the long years of practice of the art of glass.

The prestigious title of best artisan of France gained from his 24 years, followed by the Gold Medal of the Chamber of trades as well as the diploma of master craftsman.
Will add two major departmental awards from arts and crafts (including a restoration of objets d'art). All creations and accomplishments are executed according to the traditional rules of the Crystal works of art: the entirely handmade.

Jean Hartwig crystals, in addition to being functional, are true objects of art, they are signed, exported and appreciated all over the world. The creation of product lines at the specific request of the customer, is permanent. Work on plans and shaping are services available. The rare series of inlaid cameos are also created in his studio workshop.
The restoration and repair of all crystals and old glasses is one of the many facets of the workshop and this since over forty years.

Complementary information:

Jean Hartwig focuses also on training, archaeology, history and art glass. He is the author of numerous articles on art and glass technology.A recognised Glass expert.
In the field of scientific research on the glass, a large computer program of modeling and analysis of glasses was developed. Program to work on all Glass batches : antiques, ancient and hightec glasses

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Cristallerie Hartwig Jean


Art craftsman, Manufacturer, Crystal restorer, Luminary restorer, Glass-maker



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