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Atelier Perceval

In our workshop, we still use the same ancient machines our elders were using for centuries, making that well-known quality knives. Of course we also add some modern techniques as electro-eroding, laser beam cutting and cryogenic treatment.

This way the craftsman can focus his skills on the very fine process that request a sharp sight, the right movement, in a true understanding of the material's nature.

Our workshop is simply authentic, allowing us to conceive modern knives, with unique design overstepping olden times performances, for an extraordinary quality /cost / prestige ratio.

While in our country, please come to visit us in Thiers, headtown of the French cutlery !

  • Atelier Perceval

Region Auvergne

Atelier Perceval


Art craftsman, Cutler, Designer


Contemporary, Modern, XVIIIth century

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