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Concrete sink

Manufacture of a custom Ductal concrete sink to replace a waxed concrete sink.

Manufacturing by molding.
Material: Concrete bfuhp Ductal.
Tint: white Titanium.

Ductal is a patented structural concrete and classified bfuhp is Fiber Concrete Ultra High Performance. It is a very closed concrete whose mechanical strength is on average eight times higher than a prestressed concrete. Its hardness is that of granite. It is dyed in the mass with natural oxides and sometimes in over-tint for absolute hues.

On the other hand, waxed concrete is a thin surface application that for furniture use subject to the effects of moisture may prove structurally unsustainable.

  • Destination : Home
  • Origin : France
  • Range : Between 1500 and 3000 €
  • BALIAN BETON Atelier
  • +33 (0) 6 28 06 28 90
concrete sink