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Crystal chandelier

An imposing 5 arm and 12 branch crystal chandelier. Quite a jargon, isn’t? Crystals are water drop or pear shaped glass or crystal pendants which compose the chandelier.

Design or Baroque style chandelier?

Are you looking for a baroque crystal chandelier with ornamental profusion or rather a modern design and colored pendant light? Both of them can melt perfectly in the living room whatever its style. Browse our wide choice in new or antique, baroque or contemporary chandeliers.

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FadParis, the French Decoration Portal, introduces the best sellers, Decoration Professionals, to you

Beside its crystal chandeliers, FadParis presents antique chandeliers, pendant lights, lighting fixtures, lanterns, decorative items and fittings, sold by lighting manufacturers, art craftspeople, artists, antique dealers, retailers...

FadParis connects you with the exhibitors, sellers of their own know-how.

Featured seller
Céramiques du Beaujolais
Terra cotta tiles producer for floors, ceramic wall tiles, ceramic frescoes
Featured seller
Decoration current events



FadParis puts you in touch with decorative item sellers: Baroque or modern design crystal chandelier, floor lamp, wall decoration, tableware, etc.