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Billards Bréton

Manufacturer since 1852 we participate to national and international competitions
and we offer a wide range of contemporary or traditional tables.

« Know-how… »

Since 1852, Billards Bréton tables have been the subject of the same attention, and the same secular gesture has led their destiny.

All the steps in our manufacturing process are set to optimize the finishing of our tables. Caution given to the wood selection, choice of the slate quality and of the rubber cushions, strictness brought to the perfect flatness of the gaming area : all these elements take part in the same willingness of quality.

Complementary information:

Wood selection…: Kotibé wood

All our tables are made of Kotibé, a wood of the mahogany family, Ebenistery rated, that we use for its high density. It is one of the key components to ensure the quality of veneer finishing, cushion response and lifetime warranty.

« Cut and drill… »

Each billiard table has to be assembled within 1/100th of a millimetre and meticulously finished. In order to do so we have designed an exclusive cutting and drilling machine, which guarantees the perfect adjustment of angles and marks. The synergies between our ebenistery know-how and high technology enable us to optimize the quality of our tables.

« Slates adjusted within 1/20th of a millimetre… »

No other material can replace slates when it comes to your playing pleasure. They are selected from the best quarries in the world (mostly Italy) to ensure :
perfect adjustment of the different blocks
top density for perfect playing sensations
high pureness for perfect dry adjustment
They are adjusted within 1/20th of a millimetre to prevent slates from future deformation.

Metallic frame for a lifetime warranty… »

No wood is strong enough to avoid any deformation of the playing area caused by the weight of slates it has to support over the long run.
Metallic frame offer the best alternative to this issue.
This conception choice differentiates us from our competitors since only Bréton offers the same playing conditions to private customers and the best professional players.

Top rubber quality for cushions

For their main components, rubber, all our cushions receive a linen faced quadrangular rubber for outstanding rebound conditions.

Final assembly secrets…

In order to make the most of this first choice material we have set up specific assembly methods. Our professional staff carries out

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Billards Bréton


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