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Balian Beton Workshop is a craft workshop for the manufacture of sinks, basin, vanity, custom concrete.

You have an idea of design-basin plan, and you want to do to achieve?

You have a constraint of space in your bathroom and you want to fill this space in the most elegant in keeping with the spirit surrounding aesthetic?

You want a concrete work plan natural and not polished concrete, which does not crack, bubble-free, and with an absolute protection against anti-task sauces, wine, vinegar, oil and all ingredients to the table?

You want to modernize your home in a loft or to give a contemporary twist by dressing your walls or your chimney with concrete facing?

You want to make a stone sink but you want pure forms, straight line with current trends, all in one piece?

You are a designer, architect, and your merchant key mineral projects require a warm, modern?

Looking to make large slabs of measurement in size and shape to a round of pool, inside the color of your choice?

You are an artist and you want the support of a specialist lightweight concrete (Ductal befuhp) to complete your project and mold room?

Balian Beton Workshop put his knowledge and experience of 5 years of practice befuhp (fiber-reinforced concrete Ultra High Performance) serving individuals and professionals to complete your furniture indoor and outdoor.

Concrete Balian workshop is also an office design that helps you design your parts by drawing or 3D representation.

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Architect, Home designer, Craftman, Art craftsman, Designer, Kitchen manufacturer, Decorator, Interior decorator, Cabinet maker-inlayer, Art cabinet maker, Tiler manufacturer, Fireplace manufacturer, Furniture manufacturer, Stone mason, Fireplace restorer


Contemporary, Design, Monastery, Sophisticated

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